Our Journey to Building on 3.1 Acres

Welcome to our story, or at least a small sliver of it. I think it is safe to say that stories are messy, complicated, and sometimes perceived differently depending on the reader's own personal circumstances and season of life. But all that aside, this is our beginning to our house...

We bought 3.1 acres with cash almost three years ago with the intention to build that year. We were high on life and had huge dreams. Little did we know that we had many humbling lessons to follow in the months after that purchase. 

We skipped off to the bank to apply for a loan, completely confident it wouldn't be an issue. This was our first time asking for a loan. We had no debt, amazing credit, and the income we had at our disposal monthly seemed enough to us. We had just spent the last seven years over doubling our income. We felt so incredibly grateful, but also with that percentage increase---financially capable enough to build a house. Except, my business had just begun to grow and they had to take an average of our income from the last three years...

They said no. 

The rejection hurt. I was so angry. 

Then my dad sat me down and explained some of my house choices. Did you know that a roof can cost $100,000?! Well I didn't until that moment. Turns out my expectations were lofty for what we could afford---or not afford according to the bank. 

So we put our head down in prayer and we focused on three things.

First, we knew we had to continue to increase our income so that our yearly average would increase to be approved. Secondly, we knew we had to revisit floor plans and home design choices. We needed to find something that would fit our family needs, fit our style, but be reasonable in price. Third, we had to grow personally. I knew the reaction I had of anger was an immature one. I needed to learn to be more secure and at peace no matter circumstances. 

We worked on all three. And it wasn't a few weeks of work, or even several months, it was almost three years of doing the hard work and the heart work. 

After accepting new positions (part of my career is now ghost writing and I love it!), continuing to pray over our Young Living business, and visioning new ways to grow---we began to realize how we didn't just want to build a home on our acreage, but we desired to create sustainable practices for us and come up with something to give back to our community in a fun way. Our vision of our 3.1 acres turned into a homestead instead of just a home. We have plans for chickens, a garden, a greenhouse, a dairy cow, pigs, honey bees, a donkey, and I'm sure so much more as we continue diving into educating ourselves on sustainable practices. 

Then we realized we needed to sell our little home on Main St. before we could ask for a loan. Having cash as a down payment instead of the house as some kind of collateral would help our chances of being accepted. We tried once and failed. However the second time after lowering our price and praying, we had multiple people interested and it sold! 

We then moved in with Justin's parents and began the loan application. It felt so incredibly slow with all of the restrictions due to the worldly circumstances and gave opportunity to be frustrated many times. But we remained grateful. 

We were approved! Then our house plan was appraised along with our 3.1 acres and it appraised for much more than our loan amount! 

It took so much growth to get to this point where we are actually BUILDING OUR HOME. There were times I was so beaten down, but I knew God's timing was perfect and that there was importance in the journey to where we needed to be for things to happen. 

Since we surrendered to God's timing and plans, so much of the process (even when delayed or incredibly slow) has felt full of peace. Decisions we've made before we knew where God was leading us began to line up and make sense. 

Now here we are, at the beginning of building. And by we building, I actually mean that we are doing a lot of the work ourselves. We are hiring out where we can and then doing a lot to save money. 

It's happy work. Hard sometimes, but happy work. I'm so grateful for every "no", every tear, and every emotion we had opportunity to grow through to get to where we are today. 

Trust us, we know living in a small town there was much talk about if it would ever happen since buying our land almost three years ago. I never knew what to tell people because we weren't in control of the timeline. God was. We didn't know when things would line up. We simply worked hard on ourselves and on our plans and stayed in tune with Him. God's timing is always perfect timing. I wasn't going to mess up perfect timing with my own fake idea of it. 

So here we are. Humbled. Happy. Content. Grateful. At peace. 

Always ready to open our arms and receive whatever God has for us in the moment. Whether it is the two week delay we are currently in, the three year wait it took to get here, or the amazing blessing of a home on our land for our family.